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Who we are?

We are a company with over 50 years experience providing support services in construction and environmental engineering in Mexico.

Founded in February 1969 as a company of engineers and experienced technicians, LAINCO was created with the aim of providing services to the construction industry, mainly in: soil mechanics, quality control and supervision.

In 1990, Desarrollo Racional en Construccion, S.A. de C.V.
was created, complimenting LAINCO’s range with key construction services such as: deep foundations, anchorage, shotcrete and deep excavations.

Due to the high costs caused by the importation of PVC piping and fittings for Monitoring Wells, in 1993 we started to manufacture some of these materials, benefiting our clients with better prices and quality.

LAINCO has been involved in over 6,000 projects in all 32 states of Mexico. This includes the vast majority of roads, ports and airports. Its presence also extends to projects in Central and South America.

Knowing perfectly the region and fluent communication in both English and Spanish, has allowed us to be instrumental in the establishment of local, national and international companies in our country!

We are one of many groups of companies and professionals working together for the purpose of updating, improvement and representation such as:

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