This specialized PVC piping and accessories line offers multiple benefits in the construction of monitoring wells, sampling, extraction, venting, injection and instrumentation. It meets the ASTM D 2665, ASTM D 1785 and ASTMF480 standards. We are both manufacturers and distributors of PVC Piping for Monitoring Wells
  • Monitoreo ambiental
  • Tubo pvc

PVC Piping smooth and slotted:

  • Shedule: 40 y 80
  • Diameter: 2”, 4”, 6” y 8”
  • Lenght: 5’ y 10’
  • Slot: 0.010”, 0.020” y 0.050”
  • Thread: 2 y 4 hilos/pulg.

Accessories for monitoring Wells

  • Bottom filters:
    • Pen tipz
    • Plain
  • Bentonite:
    • Sodium powder (national)
    • Chips (imported)
    • Pellets (imported)
  • Expandible plugs
  • Stainless brass locks
  • Protection covers:
    • Manhole: 7” y 8” diameter x 12” Gable
    • Monument: 4” x 5” long and 6” x 5” long
  • Silica Sand
  • Stainless Steel Centralizers
  • Bailers
H-Pack Pipe (Offers an economical solution for well installation in conditions where it is not feasible to install a traditional well. Applications include: horizontal and angled wells, artesian wells, rocky wells, jet pump wells, open excavations, silty and fine grained soils, quick sands, industrial filtration and deteriorated well plugging)

The quality of our products and services is recognized as a leader in the market, both by domestic and foreign firms. We are present in more than 300 environmental projects throughout Mexico and have gained wide experience in the manufacturing, importing and marketing of environmental products and the provision of services which we offer you.

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